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Hook Line & Sinker

If you happen to be looking for a destination where you can enjoy a great atmosphere AND a mouth-watering seafood dinner that will leave you wanting more with every bite that you take, Hook Line & Sinker is your place! Since 1987, they've proudly been a staple in the local Luxurious dining scene. Dishing up a full menu of tasty Entrees, as well as soups, salads, sides, and scrumptious desserts along with delicious cocktails.

Located only about 10 feet above the water, They like to say that they're the only restaurant that makes you feel like your dining on the back of a luxurious yacht on the open sea. It's right here where the fresh fish is caught, gutted, and prepared for the enjoyment of their patrons, guaranteeing the freshest possible meal for all of their dishes to enjoy. That's why they're consistently rated as one of the best among all the best fish restaurants in the Virgin Islands.

They're two main goals when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers including the atmosphere as well as the superb meal. When it comes to the atmosphere, They're all about being laid-back and having fun! It's not very often that you'll find a great steak restaurant in the Virgin Islands that has a 60-inch TV for Sporting events, as well as phone chargers under the bar. They've even got live music on occasion. Which sets the tone for a fun-loving afternoon or an evening. Plus, be sure to enjoy the FREE Wi-Fi that they provide for all of their patrons.

Creating a delicious meal is something that the kitchen staff takes a great interest in providing. They're cooks, and chefs have been at the same location for more than 25 years and truly love providing for their customers. They focus on supporting local fishermen, and farmers. They buy organic when they can. to ensure that all of their food is the highest quality that they can possibly achieve.