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Blackbeard's Castle

Come visit one of St. Thomas's most famoust historical sites. Situated on top of a hill, there 5 acres are known as "The Williamsburg of the Caribbean." You'll see several National Landmark Properties and Historical Manor houses dating back as late as the 1600s. From here start your historic walking tour at your own leisure. There is also an option to have a guided tour. You'll hear of the isand's pirate legacy as you visit Skytsborg Tower (which was originally a 17th century Danish military tower).

The view of the harbor is a breathtaking must see! Enjoy that view while relaxing in one of three soothing Pools that were owned by the Infamous pirate. Then continue the tour just down the hill through three beautiful Manor Houses: Villa Notman, Haagenses House and Hotel 1829, which are all listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. The historic homes house is one of the world's most extensive collection of authentic hand-made West Indian Mahogany furniture. The next thing you'll do is pass by a lush tropical garden, terraces, a few fountains, and the 99 Steps, which is one of St. Thomas's most famous National Landmarks. At the end of the tour you will then find yourself on Main Street and in the heart of the Historic Shopping District of Charolotte Amalie. 

Skytsborg Tower (Blackbeard's Castle) has everything you would want in a good vacation spot. Including history, Lookout Tower, 360 degree views of Charlotte Amalie and it's surrounding harbor, and Three beautiful sparkling swimming pools. The former living quarters of the notorious pirate himself who sailed these gorgeous deep blue waters in the Golden Age of Piracy. At the base of the Estate you will find the sculpture of "The Three Queens." These charming bronze sculptures depict three former female slaves who happened to lead the revolt against the Danish Government in 1878.